Meet The Speakers


Dr. Michael Walker

Expert for Oilfield Stimulation
Baker Hughes

Dr. Michael Walker has in excess of 40 years’ experience in acid stimulation focusing on acid corrosion inhibition in down-hole stimulation fluids. He holds Eighteen patents and over twenty pier reviewed publications on various subjects including acid based stimulation fluids:

  • Unique acid inhibitor formulations
  • Acid inhibitor intensifiers development and various applications
  • Methods to inhibit corrosion resistant alloys in high chloride low pH environments
  • Chemical application for Iron control
  • Novel breakers for Frac Fluids


Dr. Adrian Wiggett

Technical Manager - MEAP
Aquaness Chemicals Establishment

Graduate Chemist in ‘Biodegradable Polymer Synthesis’ from Aston University, UK. Now with 18 years’ technical experience in various African based oil production facilities both onshore and offshore (FPSOs). Successful application of Production Chemical solutions and troubleshooting for oil, gas and water processes as well as product lab testing and selection. Experience over the last year with Aquaness Chemicals in the product ranges for Stimulation and Cementing. Well versed in Risk Management and a keen interest now in applying natural product chemistry with Aquaness Environmental Chemicals for ‘greener’ treatment of fuels, plus environmentally friendly treatment of water!


Mr. Moustafa Gamil

Sales Manager - MEAP
Aquaness Chemicals Group
Baker Hughes

34 years in Oil &Gas Services specialized in Oil Field Production Chemicals, Well Stimulation & Frac Chemicals. Management, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Manufacturing with worldwide Technical experience in BHGE Chemicals Specialty Group, lived in the middle East for 20 years covering Middle East and Asia Pacific sales, operation and operation support and responsible for multi-million USD sales


Mr. Ashraf Kammoura

Regional Manager – MEAP
Production Chemicals
Aquaness Chemicals Establishment

B.Sc. of Chemistry with more than Thirty years of oil and gas operation experience at various levels in the specialty chemicals business starting from the manufacturing and blending phase More than 24 years’ experience with BHGE, two years with Cameron and four years with Clariant. Overseas experience in all ME and NAF countries.