Clay Stabilizer

Clays are a complex mixture of inorganic elements…when exposed to hydrochloric acids they swell and close off the channels for the oil to flow. Why take the risk? Utilize our range of clay stabilizers to ensure the oil flows after the acid job.



KCl substitute


AXA-110 is a concentrated, high molecular weight, cationic polymer specifically developed to permanently inhibit the swelling and migration of water sensitive clays during well stimulation operations.


AXA-110 when added to stimulation fluids is irreversibly adsorbed onto the cationic exchange sites of the clay crystal thus providing effective and permanent stabilization of the water sensitive clay to aqueous fluids, whilst allowing the formation to remain water wet.

Features and Benefits
  • Effective over a wide pH range and hence is suitable for application with both fracturing fluids and hydrochloric acid and mud-acid based acidizing fluids
  • Soluble and compatible with a wide range of aqueous and alcoholic fluids that can be used to deliver the clay stabilizer into the formation
  • Can also be conveniently applied as a component of the primary acid stimulation fluid or fracturing fluid