Ever wondered how the water wet hydrochloric acid mixes with the crude oil well fluids? Well they don’t…unless you use our tried and tested acid Emulsifiers. These ensure that the fluids mix homogenously and penetrate the reservoir deeper.



Acid in oil emulsifier


Aquative-900 is a highly concentrated blend of surfactants specifically developed to facilitate the rapid formation of stable acid-in-oil emulsions for use in retarded-acid stimulation operations in high temperature wells.


Aquative-900 is used to produce stable emulsions of hydrochloric acid and hydrochloric acid/organic acid mixtures in a diverse variety of hydrocarbon external phases including crude-oil, kerosene, diesel and other common aromatic solvents used in the oilfield.

Features and Benefits
  • Specifically designed to form a stable acid-in-oil emulsion
  • No need for prolonged mixing of the two phases
  • Allows ‘on-the-fly’ product addition in continuous-mix applications
  • Improved cost efficiency and safety


Green micro-emulsion


Aquative-710N is a “Green” bio-degradable micro emulsion especially designed to improve production for unconventional gas shale reservoirs. It is a mixture of surfactants formulated to reduce the surface tension, interfacial tension, alter the wettability and combined with dispersant to increase and sustain the production over time.


Microemulsions, especially those containing 10-50 nanometre droplets have been found very effective in laboratory and field applications for water flow back efficiency and improve in the oil recovery.

Features and Benefits
  • Field proven success
  • Economical and effective. Low dosage is recommended
  • Reduces damage caused by phase trapping from imbibed water
  • Increases regained permeability to gas and improves gas recovery
  • Lowers inter-facial tension between the aqueous and oil phase
  • Enhances hydrocarbon and condensate mobilization and recovery
  • Assists in removing near well-bore deposits
  • Assists in removing filter cake after drilling operations
  • Enhances the penetration and cleanup after acid treatments
  • Improves the flow back of water based fracturing fluids
  • Sustainable, biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Winterized version available (pour point <-25°F)