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Aquaness Chemicals introduces the most innovative “no-rinse” technology for water treatment and surface disinfection, which is more effective and safer than chlorine… So far, there is no germ that manages to develop resistance to our disinfectant products.

After many years of intensive research & for the first time ever, a production method that blended two basic components Hydrogen Peroxide & Silver has been successfully developed.


Why use our disinfectants?

  • FDA and EPA approved ‘no-rinse’ disinfectant
  • Kills 99.9999% of pathogens including E. Coli, Salmonella and Legionella
  • Long lasting and protects against re-contamination
  • Tasteless, colourless and odorless
  • Used in 1000’s of surface disinfection applications
  • Non-toxic, 95% biodegradable decomposing to oxygen and water
  • Approved under Regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000

  • 100% Safe for baby, animals, fish and agriculture
  • Low corrosivity – protects pipeline network
  • Very effective against biofilm and more effective up to 95°C than chlorine
  • Safest alternative to chlorine and no risk of overdosing
  • You can see and feel it working!...easily applied and monitored
  • It is the most versatile, 100% safe, multi-purpose disinfectant and odor neutralizing product available

Successfully applied in


  • Hospitality


    • Hot spa water, sauna and all surface disinfection
    • All contact surfaces (switches, toilets, remote controls)
    • Sofa and fabric odor neutralizer
    • Hotels / Restaurants
    • Disinfectant sprays, wiping and fogging
  • Private Sector


    • Nursing homes/ Schools / Kids Nurseries – all toys, playing and eating surfaces, baby changing mats, full room disinfection
    • Household disinfection of kitchen, bathroom, shower, toilet, etc
    • Gym, swimming pool, aquarium & water fountains
  • Agriculture


    • Maximise crop production by 20-35% with Aquaness Green irrigation & spraying
    • Anti-bacterial and fungal action keeps all growing and picked vegetables fresh!
    • Hydroponic production, plantation preservation, pre-and post-harvest disinfection
  • Food Industry


    • Beverage Industry
    • Dairy Industry – Ice cream manufacture
    • Food Processing Industry - Sanitization
    • Animals Farms / Meat Processing – Poultry disinfection
    • Fish aquariums and Shrimp Farms / Fish Processing – Prevent water-borne diseases
  • Healthcare


    • Sensitive operating room decontamination
    • Medical, dental and veterinary surgeries
    • Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Public Services


    • Airline industry – all contact surfaces, food, sanitation
    • Air Conditioning Systems and Cooling Towers
    • Disinfection of water pipelines, storage tanks, emergency water supplies (water trucks)
    • Air and Water - Algae, mold and disinfection of complete filter installations
    • Waste water sewage treatment plants (STP)